It’s likely that if you’ve lived in Northern Tazewell or western McLean County very long, it’s probable that you’ve crossed paths with State Representative Keith Sommer. He’s a familiar face at pancake breakfasts, community events and public meetings, always talking with a constituent with a pressing need or connecting with your local mayor to move the efforts of your community forward.

It’s what he does in Springfield that sets Rep. Sommer apart. It’s widely known that Keith is a champion of children’s and family causes. He’s been a leader on legislation that improves adoption processes and bills that assist dyslexic children with the resources needed to thrive. While tackling these types of issues that help our younger generation, he’s also fighting hard on issues that those younger Illinoisans will have to deal with for decades to come… Illinois’ financial issues.  Keith Sommer has a flawless record of voting against bloated budgets, burdensome tax increases and never-ending state borrowing. He’s part of small group of legislators that have brought forth common sense financial reform bills that can put Illinois back on the right track.

In addition, Keith fights regulation that infringes on the constitutional rights of our citizens, supports our free enterprise system and demands an equal voice for the citizens he represents.

In summary, Keith Sommer is the legislator that his district needs: fiscally responsible, family focused and a firm advocate for small government. 


Minority Chairperson- Adoption & Child Welfare Committee

Keith has a passion for giving a voice to children who have encountered our state government as foster children or adoptees. His role on this key committee allows him to bring about positive change.


Laws that Support Kids

He's been a sponsor of important legislation on behalf of adopted children, such as HB3587 which supports the needs of adopted children after the legal adoption has taken place.


Demanding Improvement

Keith has lead the charge to improve the services of DCFS, including sponsoring a law that institutes a system for feedback for those served by DCFS services. (SB1743)